Pet Hospice and Palliative Care

In-Home Pet Hospice and Palliative Care

Loving care for your pet in your own home

At Stillwaters Veterinary Care we offer end of life hospice and palliative care services for pets. This begins by meeting with you and your pet in your home to get an idea of what your pet's day-to-day life is like and the specific health care problems they face. We will contact your veterinarian to get their medical records prior to the first visit so that we know as much as possible about your pet before meeting them. We will guide you as you decide whether a hospice program is right for your pet or if more traditional care is recommended.

Our Goals:

  • Keep your pet at home for as much of their end of life care as possible - We work with your veterinarian as a comprehensive caregiving team to continue diagnostics or treatments that aren't able to be performed in home. We may recommend referral for acupuncture, laser and physical therapy if we feel this will benefit your pet and communicate with those health care professionals.
  • Increase your pet's comfort and quality of life - We use traditional medicine, alternative therapies, and environmental and nutritional modifications and encourage mindful time spent with your pet during the time they have remaining.
  • Teach you knowledge and skills to care for your pet - It is often not realistic for all of your pet's care to be done by visiting professionals so it becomes the family's task to complete their daily nursing care and treatments. We give you the tools and the confidence to help your pet through this time of increased needs.
  • Help you navigate the difficult waters of having a pet with increased health needs - This includes helping you to prepare for what is to come. We help you plan financially, logistically, and emotionally for having a pet with life-limiting incurable disease processes and the eventual process of having to say goodbye to that beloved pet whether through a planned euthanasia or a natural death at home.


In-Home Pet Hospice and Palliative Care

Prices & Options

A hospice program is not for every pet or family. It requires intensive commitment from the pet's caretakers but we work with you to find a program that fits within your financial, physical, time, and emotional considerations. Please contact us to schedule an initial counseling session to see if hospice is right for you and your pet.

Distance from our Skaneateles Location End of Life
Counseling Session
Counseling with
Hospice Enrollment
Hospice Visits
Within 40 miles $100 $200 $50
Beyond 40 miles $200 $300 $100

Additional Options & Fees

If you elect to enroll your pet into a hospice program during the counseling session there will be an additional $100 fee for medical records and on-going communications with you, your veterinarian, and other veterinary professionals on your pet's care team throughout your pet's hospice care. Treatments and medications are additional and availability and costs will be discussed during visits. Recheck in-home hospice visits are as requested by you, but not required. If you are out of radius, recheck visits can be done via telemedicine (Facetime, Skype, Duo) for the cost of an in radius recheck. Please call to arrange the best format for you.


Do you have questions or concerns about pet hospice and palliative care?

Pet Hospice & Palliative Care FAQ

  • What is animal hospice and palliative care?
    Animal Hospice is not meant to push your pet beyond their natural lifespan but is meant to add comfort and care during their end of life when diseases and aging issues can cause significant pain and stress. "It is not about adding years to their life but adding life to those years."
  • What kind of diseases or conditions would warrant hospice and/or palliative care?
    Any disease or condition that causes pain, stress or loss of dignity to your pet can be helped with palliative care. Examples of this can include chronic kidney disease, liver disease, arthritis and mobility changes, senility changes, incontinence, and cancer.
  • How do I know if hospice care is the right decision for my pet and my family?
    Hospice and palliative care require a great deal of time commitment, physical work, emotional burden, and often increased expenses. Please call to schedule a counseling session to discuss whether hospice is the right choice for your beloved pet.

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