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Saying goodbye to your cat, dog, or other pet | Comfort Center Pet Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a cherished companion is one of the hardest things we have to do in our lives. These beautiful souls are only with us for what always feels like too short a time. Stillwater's mission is to make this heartbreaking process as peaceful and personalized as possible because we understand it is already difficult enough.

Comfort Center Euthanasia

We have created a Comfort Center in order to provide a peaceful home-like environment to say goodbye to your beloved pet if you are unable to say goodbye at home. The Comfort Center is set up as a living room with large windows that provide a view of nature and wildlife at our feeders, soft music in the background, and a calming lavendar diffuser. You can sit with your pet on a couch or chair, on the carpeted floor, or on a pet bed - wherever you or your pet are most comfortable. We try to make the Center feel as much like home as possible. It is a place your pet has never been so negative associations they might have with their regular veterinary clinic can be avoided.


Compassionate Crossings of CNY - at home pet euthanasia for Central New York

Comfort Center Euthanasia Prices & Options

We provide services primarily for cats and dogs but can be flexible with other types of pets including small mammals, reptiles, and birds. Please call for consultation about exotic pets, if your pet has any special needs such as fear of strangers, aggression, or mobility issues, or if you have any personal requests.

We can schedule a visit to say goodbye if your family feels that it is a kind choice but if you have questions about your decision you should contact your veterinarian or make a virtual or in home quality of life consultation with one of our doctors.

Appointment Time Cost
During Regular Business Hours $180
After Hours (Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays)* $255

* The after-hours fee applies to appointments at 5pm or after during the week or anytime during a weekend or holiday. Our Comfort Center availability is limited based on scheduling and we generally are not available for after hours Comfort Center visits at this time.

Prices include all professional services rendered (the euthanasia process) and memorabilia (clay paw print and fur clippings). Prices do not include any aftercare. Please refer to our water-based cremation services for information and pricing. Burial bags may be also purchased at the time of services: Small: $10, Medium: $20, Large: $25, X-Large: $35.

There may be a $75 fit-in fee if we are scheduling a visit for your pet beyond our normal availability. If we are scheduling your pet as a fit-in that means we are coordinating for a provider to be avaialable beyond their normal working hours for that day or on a day that they are not scheduled so the fee reflects the increased effort on our part to honor your request. It is due at the time of scheduling the appointment and is non-refundable even if the visit does not occur. Our client care coordinator will let you know if this fee applies and will collect it at the time of the appointment booking.

Click here for more detailed instructions and information on what to expect


Payment is due before or at the time of service unless previously arrangements have been made. Payments can be made by cash, Scratchpay, CareCredit, or credit card. We accept most major credit cards over the phone for pre-payment, or accept most major credit cards, Scratchpay, or cash at the time of service. At this time we are only accepting personal checks in certain situations. There is a $25 returned check fee.

Learn more about financing options & our Compassionate Crossings fund

Learn more about financing options & our Compassionate Crossings fund

Cancellation Fees

We understand that circumstances with your pet's health may change prior to your scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call or email before 8am the day of the scheduled appointment to avoid being billed for services. If you are canceling after 8am the day of your scheduled visit there will be a $150 cancellation fee because late cancellations prevent us from providing services to other families. We may take a deposit the next time a visit is scheduled, if we received less than 24 hours notice of a previous visit cancellation.

Pre-Euthanasia Consultations

Stillwaters Veterinary Care offers in home or virtual visits to help you evaluate your pet's quality of life, help you decide when the time for euthanasia may be right for your pet, consider alternative treatment options, and to help you pro-actively make arrangements so that it is less stressful when the time comes to say goodbye. Learn More }

Compassionate Pet Aftercare Services

We offer a more gentle and environmentally-friendly water-based cremation service. Learn More }


If you are taking your pet home with you, we will place them gently into blankets or a burial bag that you can purchase and we will assist you in getting them into your vehicle. Burial for your pet is up to your discretion and not a service we provide. View Burial Recommendations }

Comfort Center Instructions & What to Expect

Saying goodbye to a cherished companion is one of the hardest things we have to do in our lives. It is a very emotionally hard and scary decision to make. They provide us with unconditional love and devoted companionship. Many people have experienced the loss of a pet before but the experience never gets easier and is different for everyone. Our goal is make this experience as peaceful as possible for you and your much loved pet.


PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT: If your pet has severe anxiety or aggression issues, please let us know prior to your appoitnemnet. We may make arrangements with you to use an oral sedation prior to the scheduled appointment. The majority of pets we help do not need this additional step, but please discuss this with the veterinarian when you schedule your appointment if you think your pet will need pre-sedation prior to arrival. New York State requires that we ask you if your pet has bitten any human in the last 10 days. If your pet has bitten someone, please call us ahead of time so that we can discuss how to best proceed with a goodbye visit.

Click here for more recommendations for reducing stress for fearful and anxious pets

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Please let us know prior to your visit if you or anyone in your family have any respiratory or cold signs, have been tested for COVID 19, or have recently traveled to an endemic area and/or are on a quarantine. At the Comfort Center we require masks for everyone's safety regardless of vaccine status. We are signing any paperwork or payment consents for you on our screens so that we reduce contact with each other's personal items. Our providers are all fully vaccinated and will be wearing masks and gloves. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have with us prior to arriving or at the time of the visit and please let us know if after your appointment you or someone in your family is diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

GETTING HERE: Our Comfort Center is located on Onondaga Hill in Suite 1003 of the Velakso Professional Complex located between Velakso and McDonald Roads. There is parking lot access from either road. We are in the rear building and our entrance is at the rear of the building. We have a separate entrance with a glass door with our signage on it. Stack Veterinary Hospital has a physical therapy center in the same building and their main clinic is directly on Velasko Rd so please be sure you have the correct clinic so we do not disturb their patients.

YOUR APPOINTMENT: Please try to arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible. If you arrive early, please call our main number (315) 414-8598 to let us know you have arrived in case we are still helping another family say goodbye to their beloved pet. You may also call if you need assistance getting your pet into the clinic. Please have dogs on leashes and cats in a carrier or other contained system until they have entered our building and been welcomed into our Comfort Center. Please call with any questions or concerns about a goodbye visit scheduled at our Comfort Center. Click here for directions to our Comfort Center.

Saying Goodbye: What to Expect

We know that saying goodbye to your pet is very difficult. When you arrive for your appointment, we will explain the whole process and help you decide what your wishes are for your pet's remains. We will complete any necessary paperwork while everyone is adjusting to the Comfort Center environment. We will also facilitate payment arrangements at this time so all focus can be on your pet from there forward. Payment is due at time of service for any communal cremations or other family arrangements. If you are electing individual cremation with us we can take payment at the time we return your pet home to you.

Once you are ready, we will administer one injection under the skin that is a combination of a pain medication, a sedative, and an anesthetic. This allows your pet to comfortably fall asleep within approximately 5 to 10 minutes. We can step out of the room if your pet has stranger anxiety so the last thing your pet is aware of is only your family. We do everything we can to make this first injection as easy as possible for your pet and most pets do not react. If your pet is very sensitive, has an increased pain level, or is very thin they may react to this first injection. The pain medication works very quickly and soon your pet will be comfortable before they fall asleep.

Once your pet is comfortable, we will locate an area to give the second medication. This may be a leg or internally if we are unable to get IV access on your pet. Once the medication is given, the mind will quiet first, followed by the breathing and then the heart will stop beating. The location in which the medication is given will determine how long it will take your pet to pass but we will confirm your pet is at peace. If you want time with your pet once he/she has passed, you may take the time you need.

Memorialization & Aftercare

Once your pet has peacefully passed we can make a clay pawprint impression to help you cherish your pet's memory and also provide you resources for other keepsakes such as specialized urns, photo frames, or jewelry. We offer several memorialization options including clay, ink print, or a foam memory box. We also offer a special custom memorial item called an Eternal Paw. It is created by a local artist from your pet's paw print. His/her print will be molded onto a river rock with a nameplate. We can also obtain a lock of fur if you wish.

If you are electing water-based cremation services with us and have chosen private cremation, we will call you to arrange a pickup time at our Comfort Center approximately 1-2 weeks later.

We understand this is a heartbreaking time. If there is anything we can do to make this easier for you or your cherished pet, or if you have any questions, please let us know. We are here for you during this difficult time.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services and options.